The secret to a good cup of tea is its storage. Tea if, stored well with care, retains its taste, flavor and fragrance
and doesn’t get hampered over time. At the Tea Shelf, we store our teas in the best conditions so that while ordering
them online, you get the best and premium product delivered.

Don’t Let It Stale

Stale tea is tea devoid of any flavor, color or taste. Without taste and flavor, tea ceases to be a beverage at all. So the first rule of tea storage is not to let it stale, ever. Fresh tea must be kept away from heat, light and moisture for the flavor to be retained.

Use a non-plastic airtight container

A tin or aluminum airtight container is best when it comes to storing tea. Plastic can transfer an odor and spoil the taste of the tea hence it is not recommended.

Dark, cool and dry place

Light and moisture are two of tea’s biggest enemies, so a dark, cool and dry place are musts for storing tea. A pantry with an automatic light switch and constant temperature is the best place to store tea. Placing tea over a stove or refrigerating it will ruin the tea immediately.

Keep flavored and non-flavored teas separately

Flavored tea must be kept separate as it tends to flavor all other teas with which it is being kept. A sniff test is recommended before storing.